Gorsky’s Go-To Chicken

Katie Gorsky shares her easy, kid-pleasing go-to chicken recipe. 

Photography By Elizabeth Pedinotti Haynes | November 17, 2017

About this recipe

Most of the time we’re spoiled with leftovers from the store or just crave super simple grilled meats with nothing more than sea salt and pepper. Every once in a while, however, we need to mix it up a bit and reel the kiddos back in as they are not always as enthused about rib eyes on the grill as their parents are. Luckily, this go-to chicken recipe is a hit with the whole family. I bake them on a wire rack on top of the cookie sheet to prevent soggy bottoms. 


Makes 4 servings

4-6 Gorsky’s Farm chicken breasts (6 if using just the breast, 4 if also using tenderloins.)

4 Gorsky’s Farm eggs

2 cups of your favorite cheddar crackers

Trim your chicken breasts if needed. Scramble eggs in a pie plate. To pulverize the crackers either use your food processor for about 30 seconds on high or dump them in a gallon bag and hand a child a rolling pin. Undoubtedly, overzealous children can be more effective than a food processor and it gets them in the kitchen and involved, with less clean up to boot.

Simply dip the breasts in the egg and press into the cracker crumbs. The goal is not perfection, larger chunks actually help the pickiest of eaters remember they are eating a favorite. Place on the wire rack and repeat. Bake at 350° for about 30 minutes. An inserted thermometer will read 165° when they are perfectly juicy and crispy. If using convection, bake at 325° for about 22 minutes.

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